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March 2, 2012

Global Community for Neuro Linguistic Programming – Check it Out!

Global Community NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming

Global Community NLP - Neuro Linguistic ProgrammingOpening Doors – visit their website

GCNLP connects local and global communities of like-minded individuals providing a platform to share ideas, experiences, and skills. ‘Joining hands’ and ‘opening doors’ GCNLP forms a global network of practitioners, educators, business professionals, and individuals world-wide who are committed to transforming and enhancing the human experience.

NLP, based on behavior modeling, is a methodology for consistently achieving desired outcomes. NLP allows one to generate profound life changes quickly
and easily!

GCNLP offers Members

• Education, Workshops, Certification
• Access to world-class NLP Trainers, coaches, and professionals
• Practice groups, coaching, and mentoring
• Regular Meetings, Seminars, Annual Conferences, social and networking events
• Certification Standards
• Technology skills, tools and resources
• Human Integrated Interviewing Technology (HIIT) Training
• Accelerated learning techniques
• NLP life-change patterns
• Resources, tools, E-Groups, blogs, articles, Newsletters, audios, videos and more
• Membership Directory Listing
• Global Referral Network