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Personality Systems: We Are Different

Personality Systems: We Are Different

We Are Different

Personality What?

Personality Who?

Personality Me?

Personality You?

Have you ever wondered why people do and say the things they do? Ever wonder why people do and say the things they do? Ever wondered why you’re always so optimistic and your partner so pessimistic? Ever wondered why you react the way you do or how children can be reared by the same parents in the same environment and yet be so completely opposite? Have your weaknesses haunted or discouraged you?  Want to transform your weaknesses into strengths?  Want to transform your relationships?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this personality evaluation is just the thing for you. This evaluation is based on the observations of Hippocrates 400 B.C.  There are at least 32 other personality profile systems around today … yet the four basic temperaments are the same as those identified by Hippocrates just labeled differently.

The point of the evaluation is not to judge or label ourselves or others for each of us is genuinely unique. While there are similarities in the personality patterns/behaviors many, many other elements are factored into the complexity that is you!

Benefits: Personal Life

Benefits: Workplace



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