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What Can I Expect?

What Can I Expect?

Transformation Life Coaching is about empowering and helping you bring balance and success into all areas of your life. Professional, certified coaching helps you in powerful one-on-one sessions to be comfortable with who you are, to get in touch with what’s blocking and stopping you, to discover your passions and to create the present and future you are dreaming of!

A lot of people have no idea what a Life Coach even is, then throw in the word “transformational” and they think you’re off on a trek to India.

If you have obstacles (real, imagined, or self-imposed) that are preventing you from have MORE of what you want, then consider a Transformational Life Coaching session.

Life coaching as a profession is growing fast and so are the number of coaches. Make certain that you retain a coach who CAN help you and has helped others.  Engage a Life Coach who can easily and quickly help you bring perspective to those troubling areas of your life where you are at a standstill.

Life coaching rocks. I was amazed at how quickly my life coach was able to help me figure out what to do about my job. I had been struggling with it for several months. I hated going to work every morning. My boss is horrible and I felt so trapped. Working with Rhonda for one short hour gave me a complete mental shift about what to do with myself. It was incredible. Now I am moving forward into a completely different career field. I would recommend life coaching to anyone. — Jeannette

Life coaching is NOT counseling.  Life Coaching is not going to ask you to drag up a lot of past pain and events and throw them out on the table to be analyzed.  Life coaching is a powerful and short way to obtain answers to the frustrations you face today and help you move forward into success, happiness and MORE of what you want.

If you have tried everything (counseling, seminars, trainings, etc.) and have not gotten the results you were seeking Life Coaching may be exactly what you need!


Who is a good candidate
for Life Coaching?

Whether you are looking for a breakthrough as a business, business professional or as a person Life Coaching can help you to


What are you waiting for? You life is happening now. Now is the time to take ahold of it and bring forth, create into being that which satisfied your soul, that which you are passionate about. Time is of the essense, and time is now. Don’t be the person who looks back in regret for not moving into action. — Rhonda Robbins



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