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Testimonials for Embrace Your Brilliance Success Strategies Coach Rhonda Robbins

Testimonials for Embrace Your Brilliance Success Strategies Coach Rhonda Robbins“I relocated to Phoenix last year from New York.  After being a New Yorker for more than 27 years, I was having a difficult time adjusting to my life, new boyfriend and new job.  Working with Rhonda’s personality coaching and NLP training has been nothing short of life altering.  All of my relationships have undergone a drastic shift as a result, and life is fabulous!  I’m forever grateful for her skill and friendship.”  — Kara, Communications Specialist

“When I first attended Personality Connection Training with Embrace Your Brilliance, I thought it was kind of fun because I am “The Star”  (Sanguine) and it was intriguing.  Fortunately, I took the information I learned about the personality types to the next level and began to apply it to my personal life and relationships and also at work with my coworkers and my boss.  Knowing the personality core needs, motivations and tendencies really has helped me to not take things personally.  I can see now that some of my co-workers weren’t really out to “get” me, they were just being who they were born to be.  Understanding what motivates each type helps me so much!  Thanks Rhonda for changing my whole paradigm. ” — Andrea, Office Manager Office

My husband and I did a couples life coaching sessions with Rhonda and these really improved our communications. Through active listening we were able to understand the other person’s personality.  Rhonda listened as a neutral party, guiding us, and the “ELEPHANT in the room” was able to exit.  After just a couple of sessions our communication was more open.   Andrea, Yoga Master, Atlanta, GA

“After attending a few of Rhonda’s life coaching classes, I feel so empowered to be able to make better decisions for myself and to follow my dreams! Thank you for EVERYTHING!  — Sally K., M.B.A.

“I realized after the personality training that I was totally in the wrong field of work.  I was trying to be good at things like filing and detail work.  I clearly am not suited for that kind of work, and I finally was able to stop “beating myself up” for not being a perfectionist. I am happier now than I have ever been, and I am doing work that suits and energizes me. —John, Cruise Ship Entertainment Coordinator

Rhonda has been very instrumental in giving me the tools to understand how to deal with different personalities effectively.  This has helped me immensely in my business and interpersonal relationships.  I strongly recommend her services as a life coach if you want someone who can make an immediate difference in your life. ”  — Laurie, Interior Designer Phoenix

” I used to wonder what was “wrong” with me.  I couldn’t be perfect enough, I always felt inferior.  Everyone else was chillin’ out but I couldn’t leave the house without every hair being perfect and in place.  I wondered why I always felt guilty … and then I took the personality assessment, and I realized I am “The Producer” (perfect melancholy) and realized that it is normal for me to be emotionally high for long periods of time and then to be equally emotionally down… I never used to think I was emotional before, but I have come to realize that it is a natural part of who I am .  Understanding that one key thing has allowed me to give up the guilt, accept myself and life my life.”  — Carmen, Director of Education


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