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March 8, 2012

Pattern Interrupts: Doing What Works for You – Strategies for Success in Life

Adam Bard, doing what works for him - Life coaching phoenix, embrace your brilliance, rhonda robbins

Adam Bard, doing what works for him - Life coaching phoenix, embrace your brilliance, rhonda robbinsEveryone has an opinion, an idea, and a “way” you “should” do whatever it is you’re doing.  There’s always a “right” way and a “wrong” way.  The “right way” is usually my way, and you are usually wrong.  Right?

But how about doing what works for you?

Adam Bard, a 26 year old Canadian, does what works for him.  Who says software developers have no sense of humor?

He definitely interrupted his pattern of being by shaving off opposite sides of his hair and beard.

What would it take for you to interrupt unsuccessful patterns in your life?  To stop over-eating, to stop drinking too much, working too much, spending too much, sleeping too much, or procrastinating too much?

  • What would it take?
  • How could you get there?
  • Can you get there alone?
  • Do you have the tools, resources and support you need?
  • Can you sustain yourself in a new space of being?
  • Should you listen to everyone’s advice of what works, instead of listening to your own voice and instincts?

The problem with “behavior PATTERNS” is that they are PATTERNS. Behavior sets our “way of being.”  Behavior patterns are learned, stored behaviors.  We don’t have to think how we will respond to a driver cutting us off in traffic — that response is stored for us already… it is activated without our conscious thought.  Before we can consciously think how we CHOOSE to react, we have already reacted.

We are stressed… our reaction, to eat or drink.   How do we move past these stored responses into a more productive space with better tools to have greater success and power in all areas of our life?  How to we change environmental influences into positive behavior responses, and then subsequently turn positive behavior responses into skills and capabilities?

Well, for one thing… we must get out of our head …or get into our head…There are two ways to “interrupt patterns” and “change things up.”

We can make superhuman “conscious” efforts to change our patterns of thinking (though our patterns of thinking are deeply rooted in our belief system and our valuation of ourself).  We can recite affirmations, we can pray, surround ourselves with positive mantras, meditate and so forth.

Or we can effect change at the subsconscious/unconscious level through various types of tools, hypnosis, NLP (neuro linguistic programming), EFT (emotional freedom technique) and so forth.

It is important to realize that changing the 80-90% patterns storehouse will have a faster, greater impact on the behavior you wish to interrupt and change.

The Power of our mind, rhonda robbins, life coaching phoenix, embrace your brilliance

We create our environment by what we think about 

and our stored thoughts are even more important than our waking conscious thoughts, for they trigger automatically.

In essence, we are somewhat captive to the 80-90% that we have stored up in our memory banks until this moment  in time.

Is it time for you to do something drastic?  And not with your hair or your beard… but with who you’re being, how you’re being?

Isn’t it time to get some life-changing, powerful tools into your arsenal?

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“The point of power is always in this present moment.”  (Louise Hay)