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April 21, 2012

Investing in Stocks? Take Stock in Yourself!

Investing in Stocks - Investing in Yourself - Personal Empowerment - Life Coaching Phoeni

To be a winner in the stock market requires that you become a student and have knowledge of the market. The same is true for being a successful you.


Whether you are investing in stocks and bonds, i.e., the stock market, your future or yourself it really all boils down to the same thing, doesn’t it? What is needed to be successful in stocks is the same thing needed to have a successful future and to be a successful you.Investing in Stocks - Investing in Yourself - Personal Empowerment - Life Coaching Phoeni

The common thread? Knowledge. You must really become a student of the market to have a chance of getting any return on your investment. The same is true of your future… your future depends largely upon what your are planning and doing now. If you gather the necessary knowledge NOW, you will have a successful THEN. If you do not gather knowledge and act upon it in a way which brings forth possibility, then all you have is now and what’s in now.

Being a successful and happy you depends also upon knowledge. Knowing yourself, who you are, what you want and don’t want. You must know what you what from yourself, from your life and from others!

Knowledge and knowing depends largely upon your ability distinguish what you learn. It is the distinctions that we call forth from deep inside us that focuses our desires and align us with what lies before us.

To obtain knowledge you must make the decision, take the time, utilize your intellectual faculties, distinguish and distill what is of importance and finally put into play that which you regard as meaningful and important to create the possibilities for your future successes and happiness.


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