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May 22, 2012

We Are Different: #Personality Theory Part II

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We are different, I am nothing like you and you are nothing like me. #Personality Video #2 Personality Theory is only a theory until you apply it in a practical way to your life… then, it ceases to be a theory and becomes (with practice) a necessary tool for incredible relationships.


Personality Theory is only a theory until you apply it in a practical way to your life… then, it ceases to be a theory and becomes (with practice) a necessary tool for incredible relationships.

When we think of Personality Typing, often we think “we can’t be put into a box!”  And, if you thought that you are indeed correct.  Personality traits are broad, and we each have many of the traits.  We generally have a very strong set of traits which stands out above the rest, and then a high secondary set of traits.

With the understanding that we engage in personality study not to judge, criticize or stereo type but to come to even greater leaps in understanding ourselves, our motivation, our core needs, our “wiring” … but also of others.  With application of basic personality typing, we can know which candidate may be better suited for a particular type of position when hiring, we may know that telling a star personality a schedule on Friday for the coming week is a waste of time and breath, and so forth.

A basic underlying theory for personality training is to truly understand and accept

we are different…

I am nothing like you…

You are nothing like me…

With an enhanced understanding of our basic wiring, we can learn to celebrate our differences instead of fighting them!  We can create a rapport with others we have only ever imagined.  We can jetison our frustrations, because while we may not agree or like it, we finally understand the other people who are nothing like me!

More than a toy,

more than a “fun concept,”

taken seriously personality theory can transform every relationship you have from work to those of your children.  You will be better partner, wife, mother, father, son, daughter, boss, co-worker.  You will be a better person.

You will understand you are born with certain inherit areas of opportunity, and you will almost always be attracted to the opposite personality to “fill out” those weak areas.

Sooooo, the challenge to you is to “STOP” requiring, asking, begging and manipulated others to BE LIKE YOU, and to revel in the diversity which makes life interesting.


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January 4, 2012

Life-Changing Principles for 2012

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Core Theme:

I operate with honesty and integrity in all areas of my life, taking into consideration those I am in community with and all others around me who are affected and influenced by my actions or lack of actions; by my integrity or lack of integrity.

I take full responsibility for where I am, for where I find myself (my job, my home, my geographical location, my relationships, etc.).  I clarify what is important to me and write it down, I put a date next to anything that I want to accomplish – a trip, a new house, a new job, a change in relationship. 

I “clean up” and eliminate anything which is inconsistent with what I want to achieve.  I clean up the past – and free the present moment for creative energy. 

I create a vision for where I want to be, what I want to be doing, having and whom and what I am in relationship with.  I create a vivid picture, almost like a movie in which I see myself having all the things I choose, being exactly the way I wish to be, and feeling the exact way I wish to feel, and being in the exactly perfect relationships I choose. 

I go for my choices 100%.  I align and re-align myself to them every day. I am free to change them.


Core Principles:

  1. I decide/create what my life is, not anyone else. I set appropriate limits.
  2. I have complete power over my life. I have choices.
  3. I take responsibility for my life – for where and how I find myself.  I take responsibility for “who” I am “being.” I put myself in the “center” of my life. I must first have a good feeling about and relationship with myself. How I see and assess myself affects my ability to interact with and be in meaningful relationships with others on all levels.
  4. If I feel the need to “change” someone, “coach” someone, or “advise” someone I focus first on changing, coaching and advising myself.
  5. I spend my time with people who energize and support me. I limit my time with those who don’t.
  6. I listen to my gut! I don’t argue with it or ignore it.
  7. I forgive more, judge and criticize less.
  8. I give more “grace,” more often, freely with no strings attached.
  9. I build patterns and behaviors which focus and continue to refocus me on my goals and desires.
  10. I am focused and happy. I am free … I am me!


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