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June 26, 2012

Hot Summer Coming: Who Invented the First Car Air Conditioner?

Life Coaching Air Conditioning Joke


Did you know that the Goldberg Brothers  were the  inventors of the automobile air conditioner?

Here’s a little factoid for automotive buffs or just to dazzle your friends.

The four Goldberg brothers: Lowell, Norman, Hiram and Max, invented and developed the first automobile air-conditioner in 1946.

July 17, 1946, the temperature in Detroit was 97 degrees when the four brothers walked into old man Henry Ford’s office and sweet-talked his secretary into telling him that four gentlemen were there with the most exciting innovation in the auto industry since the electric starter.

Henry was curious and invited them into his office. They refused and instead asked that he come out to the parking lot to their car. They persuaded him to get into the car, which was about 130 degrees, turned on the air conditioner, and cooled the car off immediately.

The old man got very excited and invited them back to the office, where he offered them $3 million for the patent.

The brothers refused, saying they would settle for $2 million, but they wanted the recognition by having a label, ‘The Goldberg Air-Conditioner,’ on the dashboard of each car in which it was installed.

Old man Ford was not willing to put the Goldberg’s name on two million Fords and so they haggled back and forth for about two hours and finally agreed on $4 million  — and that just their first names would be shown.

And so to this day, all Ford air conditioners show — Lo, Norm, Hi, and Max — on the controls.

Hope you had a good laugh, and a good day.

Laughter keeps us in a good frame in our lives and day.  Enjoy your day and cause it to be the kind of day you can revel in!



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January 4, 2012

Create a Vision of Your Year – Join us Wednesday for our Vision Board Workshop

2012 Vision Board Workshop

2012 Vision Board WorkshopFor anyone who is not satisfied with the way the last year transpired —  anyone who wishes to break the grip of financial scarcity, anyone who is ready to soar, to achieve, to be, to do and to have  — this is the session for you.  

Just a reminder that tomorrow night is our vision board workshop. There are many ways to jump start your dreams, transform your life and “get” the results you desire in this new year.  Discover how you can transform your life through the creation of your personalized vision board (also known as a “dream board,” or “Life Map”).

Use the powerful and transformative vision boarding process to distill and define what it is you exactly want for your life in 2012, and by putting it “out there” in a physical way bring yourself into complete alignment with that outcome.

Henry Ford once said “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”. A vision board is about solidifying in our minds our intentions for this next year and in doing so, bringing achievement within reach.

We will discuss the mindset and thought process for creating visions board that work to help you to materialize in your life those things you desire in your heart and mind.

Experienced vision-boarder or novice, come prepared to put your dreams in action, get creative, and have fun building your dreams on paper with others who share your desire for growth!

All boards, scissors, glue, etc. will be supplied. We will have magazines available, however if you have any you want to bring, please do so. Also, please come prepared with any graphics or images you have printed from internet.

We will be serving water, tea and cookies.

Bring your imagination, your dreams and desires along with $10 to cover the supplies.

For your convenience, you may pay in advance with Pay Pal.

See you there.

Date: Wednesday, January 4, 2012, 7:00 PM

Place: 202 East McDowell Road #242, Phoenix, AZ (map)

Price: $10.00/per person

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