Embrace Your Brilliance

January 18, 2012

Reporter gets Scooped! Your Health Matters.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Healthy You

This was a pretty incredible story about a reporter trying to get the scoop on a reknown doctor in Los Angeles and what he discovers about his own health.

We seldom think “this could happen” to me, but the plain truth is that we routinely take little consideration for our own health and well-being (aside from exercising at the gym or eating the “right” food). ┬áHealth and well-being is more than jogging and eating an organic apple… it is a overall integrated approach to our life —

  • the health of our body at a bio-molecular level (not just what we can visually see physically represented)
  • the health of our mind
  • the health of our spirit
  • the health of our intellect

Make sure it doesn’t happen to you… take responsibility for ALL OF YOU.