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November 27, 2012

We Choose to Be Homeless at 60

Phoenix Life Coaching, NLP Life Coach - Homeless Woman

Embrace Your Brilliance Life Coaching Phoenix - Homeless WomanThis morning as I was driving to the office, I watched an elderly woman shrouded in a dark brown-black skirt, a dirty black-brown hoodie, with her bare feet encased in skimpy sandals navigating the crosswalk in front of me.  Her demeanor was downcast, she was hunched over and her eyes were focused looking down at the pavement. Drudging slowing across the crosswalk, I wondered if she would make it to the other side before the light changed.

I found myself asking the question:  What kind of choices do we make to be homeless and dirty at 60 pushing a shopping cart?  I tried to imagine why she found herself in this pathetic situation.  Obviously, she was sleeping somewhere dirty, there were large spots of brown dirt on her hoodie.  How did she get there? I heard a statistic once that many of the homeless people became homeless because they had been “put out” of mental institutions and clinics who could no longer afford to care for them.  I wondered, was she mentally challenged, or had she just made unfortunate choices.

Our lives are completely based upon what we believe and what kind of choices we make.  If we believe the “crap” we learn when we are young (i.e., “you’re not good enough,” “you can’t do anything right,” “you’re bad,”  “you’re wrong,” or “you’re stupid”) we can be debilitated for life.

Once we reach adulthood (18-24ish) it is our responsibility to make conscious choices:

  • To Get real with ourselves.  To look ourselves squarely in the eye and own who we currently are, where we are currently at.  Nothing is wrong here.  No judgment here… just an acknowledgement of the current status of ourself
  • To stop blaming others for our emotional, physical, mental, intellectual and financial condition
  • To take responsibility for ourselves, our career, and our life
  • To learn how to emotionally grow up, to have adult boundaries, to problem solve, to communicate our desire at an adult level and to stop acting like a “reactive” toddler
  • To create the life we want to have through conscious choice, goal-setting and planning
  • To surround ourselves with a support community … people who will build us up… tell us the truth … challenge us to rise above… people who model excellence, stability, peace and success
  • To avoid bad influences and “friends” who will “pull you down” or “keep you down”… to “run” when we see them coming.  To stay away from CRAZY and CHAOS.
  • To “be” or “become” the person we wish to be, and keep working on it until we arrive at that place/space
  • To get a dream big enough to make us cry.  If your “why” doesn’t make you cry, it is not big enough.
  • To learn from mistakes and make better choices. To quit beating yourself up feeling worthless and just realize you can make better decisions. To realize that life is one big learning process, and there is nothing wrong.  We are continually getting “feedback” about what works or doesn’t work.  Feedback is NOT FAILURE … it is just feedback.  Feeback is simply new information to add into our formula for next time.
  • To stop acting like the victim and instead “be” or “become” empowered
  • To find people, resources, books, seminars, professionals to help us answer questions and shift our thought processes
  • To quit WHINING and looking for “sympathy” or a “rescuer” and move into action on our behalf
  • To take full responsibility for all the results of our decisions (good results and not so good results)
  • To figure out how to change what we don’t like about ourselves, our attitudes and our life

I wonder, if this poor woman had just smacked herself on the side of her head when she was 24, not listened to the senseless rhetoric stored in her brain recycling itself to her detriment, where would she be now?  What kind of car would she be driving?  What kind of house would she be living in?  Would she be married and have children in college or busy raising their own children? She surely wouldn’t be drudging across the street in a dirty hoodie.


We are all one decision, one choice away from ruin.  We are all one step away from being homeless.  Some would say, “But for the grace of God there I’d be.”  Our decisions are the structure, the foundation that creates our life.  

Each and every single one of us has the choice to BE who we want to be.  Unfortunately, many of us are not willing to do the work.  And, yes, it is “work” to undo all the “doing” of the early years (especially when it wasn’t “done” well).  It becomes a lot of thankless work with seemingly small or little result.   Patterns are hard to break.  Patterns of thinking and behavior are ingrained very deeply into our core. Without a PATTERN INTERRUPT that is big enough, no shift is likely to occur.

Some of the quickest ways I know to cut through the crap and reprogram yourself are Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis.  Why would you need these kinds of techniques and intervention?  Frankly, these techniques help you to reprogram at the unconscious/subconscious level where all the early programming is stored.  What will take you 5 years in traditional counseling may take 5 minutes or 5 hours instead when one of these techniques are utilized.

Anyone competently trained in these techniques, combined with an intuitive gift for coaching can help you slice through years of negative, unproductive behavior in a short time.

You, as always, are in the driver’s seat of your life and you get to choose which road you drive.

Your mission, should you want it, and decide to accept it … is to become an empowered person living with limitless choices and endless possibility.

Call today 480-343-8700 to schedule your EFT, NLP or Hypnosis session.  Have the life you want.  Be the person you think you are (for real).