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May 10, 2012

What is #Personality Theory – Free #PersonalityTest

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Personality theory dates back to 370 BC and Hippocrates, the father of modern-day medicine. Hippocrates noticed (he was a Greek physician) that people seemed to fall into 4 different categories in terms of behavior.

He theorized that this was due to the fluids (humors) in the body.  He noted that within these 4 groups there were common traits or tendencies… and thus personality theory was born.

Understanding personality is a key to unlocking human behavior … that helps us understand what motivates, drives, thrills or offends individuals.  A firm grasp of personality behavior allows us to instantly “get” the emotional needs of those we are in community with.  We are also better able to communicate and gain rapport with them, as we realize …

We are different.

I am nothing like you,

You are nothing like me.


4- Model personality tests and personality quizzes are easy to understand at a basic level.  You can instantly gain access to valuable relationship and communication tools with a cursory understanding of personality theory.

Not only can you gain a deeper understanding into your own behavior and attitudes, but you can also use this powerful personality knowledge to bring power and choice to others both individually and in the workplace.

In this first video of the WE ARE DIFFERENT series, you will get an overview of personality theory from its beginning through 2002.

You will gain an understanding of the development of different theories, including Freud’s “Nature” theory.

Keep in mind that the point of the personality evaluation is not to judge or label ourselves or others –  for each of us is genuinely unique. There may be similarities in the personality patterns/behaviors however, many, many other elements are factored into the complexity that is you!

Benefits: Personal Life

Benefits: Workplace

Embrace Your Brilliance High Performance Coaching helps individuals, business owners and their staff reach heightened levels of awareness and being – resulting in increased interpersonal synergy, dynamics and productivity.  Executive and personal success strategies coaching with high-performance techniques which include personality training designed to accelerate results.  Most executives and individuals rely on a familiar set of skills and behaviors as they navigate the workplace. For organizations to come alive and “thrive” often requires a “pattern interrupt.” Utilizing an extensive blended portfolio of business and behavioral skills Embrace Your Brilliance help individuals and executives deliver high-performance results.


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