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May 3, 2012

Having Trouble Getting Motivated?

Success Strategies Coaching - Are You Having Trouble Getting Motivated?

I think we all find ourselves struggling with motivation at one time or another.

There are varying reasons for not having enough energy or motivation in our lives. And, no, it isn’t because we are just lazy!

Off the cuff, here are a few reasons I can think of for not being motivated:

I think that spells out a pretty clear picture of the some of the reasons we are not motivated. If you are having trouble determining reason for stress, check out the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, and realize, even GOOD things can be stressful! The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale is a measurement of how many stressful events have happened to you in one year and the possible effect on your physical health.

While the scale does not give an indication as to the emotional or mental impact of the stress, I believe you can make that hyper-jump yourself.

Now… how to get motivated?

  1. Look at the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, and figure out how much stress and which stress events you have. Eliminate or neutralize the ones that are possible, and realize the others have a deadline, termination date or death sentence. For example, you will not be pregnant forever. Also important, we can be the executioner of many of them. We can choose to eradicate many of them by our choices and activities.
  2. Make a list of all incomplete projects, set a deadline for them, and begin to complete them ASAP. Not only will you feel a sense of satisfaction, you will likely feel more energized.
  3. Think of yourself as a power strip. Who is plugged into you and stripping you of precious emotional and physical energy? Evaluate your relationships, determine who is draining your energy and get rid of any deadwood. Stop the needless theft of your energy and time. Focus.
  4. Build, or enlarge your circle of supportive friends; people who are very POSITIVE and who care about you.
  5. Evaluate all the “SHOULDs,” “MUSTs,” “NEED-TOs,” and “HAVE-TOs” going in your mind or coming out of your mouth. Instead of saying, “I should ______,” substitute the word SHOULD with WANT. Now when you say, “I want to _________,” evaluate — do you really WANT to? Decide if you are feeling self-pressure or other pressure to do this thing, then choose what you really WANT to do.

Hope this helps you to evaluate some of the potential reasons you are not feeling motivated.


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