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May 22, 2012

6 Levels of Being and Awareness | Who do you be? —- Part I

6 Levels of Awareness and Being | Who do you be?

Who do you be in life? Who do you want to be in life? Are you happy being where you are being, getting what you got? Or, are you ready to make some real changes to GET what you want?  Are beliefs you learned and accepted as a child playing havoc with your life as an adult?

Are you living primarily in the “environment” and stuff just keeps happening to you?  Do you often think God, the universe or others are all conspiring against you?  Are you ready to put yourself in the driver’s seat of your life?


Move past your current cycle of “stuck” and get a powerful understanding of how your core values and beliefs impact your success every minute of the day.

In this video, Business and Success Strategies Coach, Rhonda Robbins, explains the 6 levels of awareness and being (also known as Dilts Logical Levels) in a unique and broader way than most NLP discusions of Dilts’ Logical Levels.

Embrace Your Brilliance High Performance Coaching helps individuals, business owners and their staff reach heightened levels of awareness and being – resulting in increased interpersonal synergy, dynamics and productivity.  Executive and personal success strategies coaching with high-performance techniques which include personality training designed to accelerate results.  Most executives and individuals rely on a familiar set of skills and behaviors as they navigate the workplace. For organizations to come alive and “thrive” often requires a “pattern interrupt.” Utilizing an extensive blended portfolio of business and behavioral skills Embrace Your Brilliance help individuals and executives deliver high-performance results.


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