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April 29, 2012

What About the Experts?

About the Experts Life Coaching Success Strategies for Life

About the Experts and life coaching success strategies for lifeWhat did we do before there were experts everywhere?

I don’t know, but I’d like to think we got along quite nicely without them. That we lived full, satisfying, gratifying lives of no regret.

We have become a society of experts, know-it-alls, do-it-yourselfers, SEO experts, business experts, marketing experts, financial experts, landscape experts, medical experts and so forth. You get it —
experts from all walks of life.

I don’t really mind experts who are truly experts—what I mind is being sold an “expert” and getting in return an ordinary “Joe Blow!” That’s just wrong!

Experts know what they know. But they DO NOT know you! It is critical to distill a true sense of who you are as an individual, to be your word, to do your best daily, to clearly see yourself for who you are!

You have all YOUR answers inside you and know what is the best decision for you to make. You are truly the one who knows you. You are your own expert. You may be blocked or unable to see the answer and activities that are right for you. But, you are the key to your life.

A good coach helps you move past your blocks and limits by asking you clarifying questions and waiting for you to produce the answer from within and then help you implement strategies for success in your life.

Look in the mirror to see – not to admire and primp, but to see the true self reflected back.

Reflect, distill and know.


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