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April 24, 2012

A Zipper Can Change Your Life, You Create Your Life With Your Thoughts

Gideon Sundback Changes the World with the Perfect Zipper - Life is like a box of thoughts

VIDEO:  Gideon Sundback is celebrated for perfecting the zipper today

A Zipper Can Change Your Life, You Must Change Your Thoughts

Imagine that something as small as a zipper changed the world, or the words of one rock n’ Gideon Sundback Changes the World with the Perfect Zipper - Life is like a box of thoughtsroll tune, or the prayers of one woman (Mother Teresa).  Today’s Google Doodle celebrates Gideon Sundback.  While Gideon did not “invent” the zipper, he improved the work of others by “perfecting” the zipper.

Sometimes our one single word speaks volumes of motivation and care that inspires others.  Other times we merely lay a foundation for someone else to perfect —  that later positively impacts our families, communities and world.

Whatever we find ourselves doing today, everything we do has meaning.  Every thought we have creates something. Every action we take moves us toward something.  We create our present.  We create where we find ourselves.  We create our possibilities.

Let every piece of emotional and physical energy positively reflect your intention to create purpose and meaning as you inspire not only yourself but others today.  Carpe Diem!

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