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February 2, 2012

What 1 Thing Could Change Your Life?

Exhilaration. I am Free, I can Fly!


What is the one (2 or 3) obstacle(s) in your life which is preventing you from having the success or achieving the outcomes you are looking for in your life?  If you got empowerment in this area …. you know you could fly.  What would that be?

February 1, 2012

Fit or Fat – Get on Track!

Covert Baily - Video 2

 Covert Baily - Total Body PowerToday marks the end of January.

How are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions?  Was one of your resolutions for 2012 to get into better shape and eat better?

How are you doing toward that goal?

Life coaching embraces all of life, not just self-worth, relationships or career.

Life coaching is about having what you want — about achieving your desired outcomes.

Since nutrition, fitness and body health are every bit as important as mental and intellectual health, let’s tie them together.  Tonight we will listen to what Covert Bailey has to say about being fit.

Tonight we will watch the first of the video series (about 1 hour), have a discussion, and the remaining one hour can be used for finishing your vision board and/or starting one.

See you there.

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Now you can lose those stubborn pounds and inches once and for all! World-renowned fitness expert Covert Bailey shows you his proven, easy ways to turn up your metabolism and “release the grease.” You’ll look and feel better for a lifetime of good health.

In Total Body Power – a comprehensive, innovative, easy-to-use program – you’ll discover the real keys to lower your body fat, exercise more effectively in less time, sleep better and have more energy and vitality than you ever dreamed possible.

See for yourself what Covert means when he says, “When you get fit, you get power – Total Body Power!”

In Fitness Secrets for Fast Results you’ll learn how to:

  • Master your metabolism
  • Choose the right exercise for you
  • Raise your Power Point and burn more fat
  • Use Covert’s Four Food Groups of Good Fitness

In this tape series Covert Will describe the relationship between body physiology, metabolism, diet, and exercise, and presents a program for improving eating habits and physical fitness.

Covert Bailey is the popular star of the revolutionary PBS television series Fit or Fat and acclaimed author of five national best-selling books, including his latest Smart Exercise.  A graduate of M.I.T. with a Masters of Science in Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolism, Covert is one of America’s leading health and fitness experts.

Date:    Tuesday, January 31, 2012, 7:00 PM

Place:  Embrace Your Brilliance Office,  202 East McDowell Road #242, Phoenix, AZ

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