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January 5, 2011

Life-Changing Principles for 2011

Life-Changing Principles for 2011

Core Theme:

I operate with honesty and integrity in all areas of my life, taking into consideration those I am in community with and all others around me who are affected and influenced by my actions or lack of actions; by my integrity or lack of integrity.

Core Principles:

  • You are not my judge. God and history alone shall judge me.
  • I decide/create what my life is, not anyone else.
  • The only “power” you or anyone has “over” me, is power I give them – or – my willingness to submit to their requests.
  • I do not need anyone’s approval or acceptance to create a life that suits me. I may want acceptance or approval – but I realize NEED and WANT are completely separate things.
  • I have complete power over my life. I have choices.
  • I take responsibility for my life – for where and how I find myself. I take responsibility for “who” I am “being.”
  • I look amazing – I feel amazing. Dressing in an awesome way energizes me, frames me and sets the tone each day!
  • I spend lots of time with people who energize and support me. I limit my time with those who don’t.
  • I eat that which nourishes me.
  • I read that which feeds and challenges me; that which resonates with my spirit.
  • I learn to truly “listen.” PERIOD. I shut my mouth and listen first.
  • I speak less, listen more, smile often and am more accepting and less critical of others.
  • If I feel the need to “change” someone, “coach” someone, or “advise” someone I focus first on changing, coaching and advising myself.
  • I put myself in the “center” of my life. I must first have a good feeling about and relationship with myself. How I see and assess myself affects my ability to interact with and be in meaningful relationships with others on all levels.
  • I “test” my limits – make decisions outside of normal patterns for me, but based on gut instinct and intuition. I take risks. I step out in “faith.” I do not allow fear to “paralyze” me.
  • I listen to my gut! I don’t argue with it or ignore it.
  • I forgive more, judge and criticize less.
  • I “expect” nothing – or certainly much, much, much, much, much less from others. I do not attempt to hold anyone to my standards or ideals. I “let” them be who they are. I accept them for who they are.
  • I give more “grace,” more often, more freely with no strings attached.
  • I build patterns and behaviors which focus and continue to refocus me on my goals and desires.
  • I laugh more.
  • I love more.
  • I am more.
  • I am focused and happy.
  • I am free … I am me!


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